Welcome to proDAD Ango xchange

With the example of Ann Vest of the Service Company und their customer Tom Miller we will show you how both parties go ahead setting up proDAD Ango.

After initially entering your own master data and setting up your contact(s) (as described in chapter 1 to 3) you will then manage the encryption and decryption of documents to be exchanged with just a few clicks quick and easy. This we will show you in chapter 4.

Before this we would like to visualize the workflow with the following chart. For a quick orientation we have also referred to the respective chapter numbers printed in [brackets].

Setting up a contact only takes a few minutes. Afterwards you will not have to memorize any password anymore to securely encrypt and decrypt files. You will see how easy and comfortable proDAD Ango is to work with.

Download "First Steps / Introduction" as PDF file 

See in our tutorial videos how easy encryption and decryption is!

1. the first program start

Set up your own contact details and optionally import contacts that a "friend" has sent as an invitation.

3. decrypt document

Decrypt a received encrypted text document and optionally view or further process it. 

2. encrypting and sending

Encrypt a text document fully automatically in just a few steps. Send as email or write to USB stick. 

4. work with the Explorer

Encrypt a document directly in Explorer/Dateimanager and send it as email.